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There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them. ~Vicki Baum

Stifling an urge to dance is bad for your health - it rusts your spirit and your hips. ~Terri Guillemets

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Ballroom Basics Testimonials

Paul Hughes was the perfect dance instructor for us. One of us was a complete novice, and the other didn't have much more experience. Paul was really good at teaching the basics, not just the steps, but body position and how to communicate and lead. We experimented with a variety of dances, and Paul helped us see how they were related. We had fun at every lesson and enjoyed our dance time with Paul tremendously.

Gary and Denise

Paul is an amazing dancer and instructor! He is extremely patient and explains the steps in a simple way so that you are able to easily remember. I feel very fortunate to have found Paul and I am so motivated to continue with his lessons. I'm sure he'll be proud of me in no time! E.G.

Paul is an excellent teacher and has a good format of giving the lessons/practicing in class to music and then sends the directions via email and then the next week reviews the steps.  He is patient and does a good job of demonstrating.  He has even made us a music tape!   He gives his lessons in sequence so that each week a dance builds on something from the previous weeks.  He is very helpful and eager and enthusiastic to have us learn.  It has been a pleasure to be in his class.

The Ballroom Basics dance class is fun and relaxed. The instructor keeps it simple, explains it really well, and by the end of the night you feel like you have actually learned something, rather than feeling overwhelmed. With a basic step, a turn, and a variation or two and you are set to go.  We love the class.

The Ballroom Basics dance class is a great way to learn and practice dancing in an enjoyable and relaxing way. Paul, our patient instructor, breaks the steps down into simple terms and then we practice them to the music. It is apparent that he is eager to share his passion for dancing. Paul is always happy to answer any and all questions that we may have. Join the fun!


Mr. Hughes has been our ballroom dancing teacher for more than a year. He is an excellent dancing instructor and he is the one who inspires me to love ballroom dancing. His way of teaching make dancing very interesting, fun and easy. He is thorough in teaching every single dancing steps, the postures, the rhythms.... In addition, he also further our knowledge on ballroom dancing with reading materials from different resources through emailing students. Mr. Hughes is truly a dedicated teacher whom I would recommend to anyone who would like to take lessons.


I think Paul is a fantastic dancer I will be getting in touch with him about taking private couple lessons my guy friend is a little awkward with dancing and I feel Paul could really help him and us dance better.


Salsa Dance Class Review

We have taught a group Salsa Class at Franklin High School, Mass College of Art, Mt Ida College, Endicott College & Dover-Sherborn High School

Wow! What luck we had finding Paul. He taught merengue and salsa to 80+ of my high school students today. All the students were having so much fun! He really knows how to teach... I was astonished by how quickly they picked up the steps. Paul is extremely professional and I look forward to working with him again!

This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, and responsiveness.

Jenna S
High School
Honors Spanish Teacher

Dian M.
Private Dance Lessons (for me or my group)

Paul is an amazing teacher and a generally incredible person! My boyfriend and I picked up Salsa steps so quickly under his direction. Paul is very dynamic, friendly, patient and definitely knows his ballroom dancing! We can't wait to branch out into other genres of ballroom dance with him. If you are looking to learn choreography for an event or just to learn ballroom dancing for life, Paul is your guy.
This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, value, and punctuality.

Anderson J.
Private Dance Lessons (for me or my group)

Paul is an exceptional dance teacher. He loves what he does and it shows throughout his lessons. He arrived to the lesson 30 minutes in advance to set up his equipment. During the lesson, he was knowledgeable, patient and graceful. Our guests were impressed and learned a lot in only an hour long lesson. I would recommend Paul to everybody. We will sure use his services in our next dance party.

Dover Sherborn High School
Global Citizenship Playground Fundraiser

Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for your instruction tonight. The students and their parents had a wonderful time and we raised a lot of money for the charity we are sponsoring this year. The kids told me they really thought your instruction was clear and that it obvious you were a good teacher.


Oralia gave you a 5 star review.

Oralia C.
Private Dance Lessons
It was the most fun time that we as group have had in a long time. We learn some dancing moves, had fun during the process and enjoy the time together. He knows how to teach the group, he brings his own music, he is very professional. We totally recommend him for any event you are planning, you sure will have fun.

This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, and punctuality.

Wedding Dance Lesson Reviews

Brizi & David Wedding Review

Paul was an excellent teacher. We had quite a specific dance we wanted to do (for our wedding), and Paul was very willing to help us achieve what we were looking for. He was patient and very encouraging. We felt at ease and enjoyed the experience. Thanks very much for being our dance teacher Paul!

David & Brizi

Brizi & David Wedding Dance Video
Willow Waltz

Anna & Ian Wedding Dance Review

Paul made our first wedding dance go seamlessly. He presented us with a superb routine, and made sure we were poised and confident! Thank you!

Anna & Ian’s Wedding Dance Video

My fiance and I love taking dance lessons with Paul. He customizes his lessons to meet our diverse learning styles and abilities, using real world analogies and dance exercises to clearly communicate complex dance concepts. His lessons even come with partnering advice that we have found helpful both in dance and in our relationship! Paul focuses on the foundations so that we truly understand all elements of the dance, slowly weaving in more advanced steps that stem from the basics. He always gives us a preview of an exciting new move that we will learn in our next lesson, keeping us inspired and eager to learn more. Paul is great at giving positive feedback, reminding us of our improvements and making us feel so accomplished after each class. There is no doubt that Paul is passionate about dance, going above and beyond as a teacher by sending us helpful videos and links throughout the week. We are so grateful for everything that Paul has taught us!

Kristi & Brian

Hi Paul,

I am so sorry in the delay in getting this to you. Please find the review and testimonial below. We are so happy with how the dance came out and we cannot thank you enough for everything you did to help us get there.

“Ballroom basics is a misleading name, because it is not just the basics that you can come away with. Paul is an excellent teacher, who brings patience and easy instruction to every lesson. Having a very minimal dance background before we started, he was able to tailor the lessons to not only show us steps, but allow us the freedom to build upon those steps. We met with him so that we could learn a dance for our wedding, and after a few lessons, we were moving around the room well and starting to get into some more advanced movements. By the end of our lessons, we had a full routine that we were very confident with and it showed on our wedding day. We wowed everyone in attendance and were both so happy with how the dance looked and felt.

Paul is able to not only teach you how to dance the steps, but the way he goes about it, with genuine enthusiasm and pride, makes it easy to become more confident in your movements and abilities on the dance floor. He will challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and really become a much better dancer than you thought you could ever be and he encourages you to continue to get better with every movement you make.

Lessons with Paul were the best part of our weeks leading up to the wedding and our first dance was our favorite part of our wedding thanks to Paul!”

Thanks again,
Scott and Mary

Craig M Wedding Dance Review
I took some basic lessons before my wedding and had a wonderful time. It was a little slow at first, but once I got the steps down we moved along a little quicker and ultimately my wife was happy at our wedding, so it turned out great.

Brittany said...
We came to Paul a month before our wedding date. Paul was incredibly flexible (traveling closer to us), professional, and great to work with! Both having little to no dance experience, he made us both feel very confident for our big night and it went off without a hitch! I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone!

Emily's Review:
"My fiance and I knew nothing about dancing, but Paul put us at ease right away and taught us just the right amount--enough to feel confident on our wedding day, and not so much that we were overwhelmed. Highly recommended!"

Thanks again for all of your help! I think our dance went really well, and we got compliments about it from several of our wedding guests!

Brenda's Review:

Paul is amazing. This is first chance I had to leave a review and my husband and myself couldn't be happier with Paul. We were both very nervous but he helped us be comfortable and most of all have fun doing it.

We had to stop his class do to circumstances in our personal life but because of him my husband and I have learned to be as one on the dance floor and in our lives. Thank you so much Paul!

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND PAUL as he is not only a professional but a great person who really cares.





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